virtualPhotographer – opticVerve Labs

Want to apply effects to your photos with the click of a button? opticVerve Labs has a plug-in for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Paint Shop Pro that instantly transforms your photo. Here are some examples of what effects can be achieved…..

Here is my original photo:


Here is the same photo with an effect called “Squint”:


Here is the same photo converted from the original with an effect called “B Movie”:


There are also several choices to convert to black and white from the original. Here are a few examples….

Here is an effect called “Century”:


This effect is called “Deep Copper”:


Here is a black and white effect called “Classic 3”:


Download virtualPhotographer today and have yourself some fun! It’s FREE. Just click here to download.

Windows Live Writer…have you tried it?


Today I am doing my post with Window Live Writer. Windows Live Writer interfaces with your blog and allows you create and publish your post without working within the blog itself. I have found it to be especially helpful since I manage and write on multiple blogs.

Here are several of the features I found useful:

  • It can be shared on many blog services: Blogger, Typepad, Live Write and Wordpress are just a few
  • Pictures can easily be resized on screen by drag and drop or by entering the number of pixels
  • Pictures can also have a drop shadow inserted on the photo
  • Pictures (this one is my fav), can also be watermarked and you can indicate where you would like the watermark to be and how large (See the example on the photo above)
  • Hyperlinks can also be inserted to any text or picture
  • Other great features include but are not limited to adding a photo albumin, inserting a table, creating a map, insertion of Technorati tags, and adding video. There are also several other plug-ins that can be inserted right into the post.
  • As you create a post as I am doing now, I actually see the background of my blog even though I am using Live Writer…pretty cool…and the WSIWYG editor makes it very easy..when you are done, just hit publish

Here is what I found to be very slightly disappointing:

  • I have over 300 fonts, however, if I use a font which is I have on my computer, you will see the font that has been designated on my blog as the default unless you have the exact same font I do that I have used in writing the entry
  • I could not seem to be able to create a hyperlink for email, so after making several entries on another blog, I had to go into the blog itself and add the email hyperlinks through Blogger
  • I did have a very small problem with one word. It appeared to be the correct size as I typed, but when it was published it changed to about three times the original size

Overall, I love it! The biggest benefit to me was the built in photo editing and watermark ability. Here’s another fabulous benefit…it’s free! Yep, totally F R E E.

Here’s the link to download: Windows Live Writer. If you do download, be sure to disable any firewall or antivirus if it does not download correctly the first time.

Scrap for Hire Links

Hi Everyone-

Just wanted to let you know Mr. Linky and I have not been getting along too well for the last few days as I believe he was keeping me from viewing my own blog. I apologize to anyone who may have been having the same problem using Internet Explorer.

I am still collecting names of both designers and scrappers who have Scrap for Hire services and will be posting a list in the next few days. If you fall into either category, please feel free to send me your link via email and I will be happy to add you to the list.

As always,

Wall of Hope

Hi Everyone-

Digi Scrap News is proud to present to you the Wall of Hope. The Wall of Hope is dedicated to ALL women in the fight against breast cancer.

Emily and Angela Powers of {we are} storytellers, have joined together along with several other fabulous designers to create the iHope Collaborative Kit. All the proceeds (less Pay Pal fees), will be given to the Susan G. Komen center. Emily and Angela will be participating in the 3-Day walk event.

Let’s all show our support as women for one another and help them realize their goal of $4600.00. Visit the Wall of Hope by clicking here.

Even if you are not a digiscrapper, you can still donate. Instructions for donations are posted at the wall. Thank you!